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    Friday, April 07, 2006
    Other Articles

    D.zigns Blog

    For a complete list of articles, visit D.zigns Articles

    Here is another article by me:

    Effective Web Design
     by: Tasneem Rangoonwala

    D.zigns dzignerwebs

    The Basics

    Before starting on how to design a website effectively, how about clearing some basic web design concepts?

    Designing Effectively

    Now that you know what web design and related terms mean, lets get down to the real thing: Designing Effectively How to balance artistic design with practicality and functionality.

    Use of graphics and content

    Unless your website is all about graphics, how to make them, edit them or just a bunch of links to graphics websites, I suggest you use graphics sparingly, especially the flashing, twirling kind. They not only detract readers from the content, but they also take ages to load. You do not want your readers to leave your website because your graphically attractive page does not seem to load fast enough. Then again, too much text is boring. So mix and match the graphics and text on your page, having enough white space so that the page is not plain annoying.

    Layout and design

    While designing, keep in mind that poor layout and design will make your pages unreadable and difficult to keep your visitors on your website for long. Some of the things that make a poor design and layout:

    Text that is too small to read
    Color combinations of text and background that make the text hard to read
    Large graphic files that take forever to load
    Multiple things that blink
    Unclear navigation; over complex navigation
    Paragraphs of type in all caps, bold, and italic all at once
    Graphics that don't fit on the screen (assuming a screen of 640x460 pixels)
    Animations that never stop
    Complicated frames, too many frames, unnecessary scroll bars in frames
    Cluttered, not enough alignment of elements

    Some of the things that make a webpage stand out from the crowd:

    Stay away from bad design features listed above.
    Background does not interrupt the text
    Navigation buttons and bars are easy to understand and use
    Good use of graphic elements (photos, subheads, pull quotes) to break up large areas of text
    A large site has an index or site map
    Link colors coordinate with page color
    Every graphic link has a matching text link
    Animated graphics turn off by themselves
    Pages download quickly

    All pages have the immediate visual impact within 640 x 460 pixels


    Most of the time, all it takes to design your website effectively is a little planning. When designing a website, it needs to be clean, uncluttered, attractive and easy for users to read and find what they need. Begin with a webdesign plan:

    what colors do you want to use?

    Are these colors complimentary?

    What items - text, images, data - do you want to put in your pages?

    What layout do you want? Look at other websites and then decide.

    Follow the above steps to get a website that speaks for itself and your business. You can always contact me for suggestions and webdesign projects.

    About The Author

    D.zigns Enterprise Solutions provides affordable and quality ERP and Web Development Services. Tasneem is the Web Development Co-ordinator with D.zigns

    Effective Web Design  has been published on:


    webmasterresources 101

    ezine articles

    D.zigns(article section)

    I hope to start the writing again very soon. Meanwhile, here, I will post some tips/techniques I use for my job.

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    Saturday, April 01, 2006
    My first article on web

    D.zigns Blog

    Below is the first article I wrote about web design way back in 2004. It has been published on some article websites, which I am listing below.

    Website Basics
     by: Tasneem Rangoonwala

    The Basics

    You have a flourishing business everything is in its place. You just miss one important piece of marketing: an Internet Presence a website. Like everything in business, getting a website needs planning. Getting an effective website needs even more planning.

    Here are some basic things to know and plan:

    The WWW

    What is the www or the internet? Basically a network of websites from all over the world you can access via your computer for which you need an internet connection and a browser. Internet connections are available from ISPs, and most of the popular browsers are free downloads from the internet. Just like writing/typing an address on a postal envelope, you type the website address in the browser beginning with http://www. and ending with either .com, .net, .org, .biz, .nz, .uk, etc. So if you want to access the microsoft website, you would type http://www.microsoft.com in the browser and hey, presto! You get all the information about microsoft and its products on your browser. Just click on the available links and you are on your way.

    Your Website

    Your website will be a bunch of pages all linked together via hyperlinks. You can ofcourse have a one-page website or as many pages as you like - depending on the amount of information you want to share with your visitors. Hyperlinks are text or images pointing to another page, just like the heading of this article points to my website.

    Your Audience

    As the web has grown, so has the types of people who access it and how they access it. As we say, it is impossible to please everybody. It is very difficult to design a website which will be accessible to all. Carefully choose your content and design, keeping in mind who your target audience is and what type of equipment they use. Equipment here means the computer and other hardware and also includes the software used for connecting to the internet and browsing it.

    The best way to reach more people is to use pure HTML, and keep the use of scripting languages like JavaScript, Java, and other plug-ins to the minimum. While this may not make your site flashy,stylish or trendy, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your site is accessible to most of the people. Afterall, that is the whole point of this exercise, right?

    Designing your website means knowing your audience and their requirements.


    Now that introductions are over, lets get down to the core of your website: Content. The most important aspect of any website, content is the one thing that will keep your visitors at your site and keep bringing them back. The content should depend on what you want to let your visitors know - about the company, the products, the services. Keep the content interesting, updating it often for repeat visitors. Often this can mean providing more details about different aspects in your business, like seasonal discounts, etc. Your visitors will visit your site again and again if the content is relevant, and there is something new everytime they visit.


    A well laid out website will be a successful one. Whether you design the site yourself, or outsource the task to a webdesigner like us, first layout your ideas on paper. Choose text, color and graphics carefully, they all contribute to the page load time. Starting with your Home Page, keep it fast-loading, with a good navigational structure. Try to follow the same layout for the whole website. Change the layout only for different sections and not different pages. If the navigation bar is at the top on your HomePage, keep it at the top in all the other main pages. Consistency in layout is very, very important.

    These are just some of the basics about building a website. There are many more, some requiring a article all about themselves. Keep visiting, as I plan to write about as many as I can. Ofcourse, you are welcome to email me your suggestions/comments about what you would like to read about in webdevelopment.

    About The Author

    D.zigns Enterprise Solutions provides affordable and quality ERP and Web Development Services. Tasneem Rangoonwala is the Web Development Co-ordinator with D.zigns.


    Website Basics has been published on:


    webmasterresources 101

    ezine articles

    D.zigns(article section)

    I hope to start the writing again very soon. Meanwhile, here, I will post some tips/techniques I use for my job.




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    About me

    D.zigns Blog

    I am a web designer/developer and for about last 3 years, it has been my business also. Before that, lets just say, it was a hobby.

    I have 3 kids, and so at the start could devote very less time(2-3 hrs per day) for this, but now, my kids are a liitle older(9-6-4), and so more time(5-6 hrs per day).

    Even then I find, I need more time to really take off my business. I love to design, but I often outsource the development-coding part. I could manage to tweak available scripts and codes to suit some needs, but sometimes that is not enough. I recently completed 2 projects one in ASP, and one in PHP(thank you Savitha).

    Right now, I am looking for projects either in ASP or PHP, or design etc.

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    Friday, March 31, 2006

    D.zigns Blog

    Hello all

    I just created this blog, and hope we get off to a flying start.

    I have been in the web development/design business for last 4 years, but I have over 10 years experience in this field.

    Visit my site,and check out my portfolio.


    Posted at 6:57:38 pm by dzigner
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